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Isabel Toledo is among the most innovative, artistic designers of the twenty-first century. She draws inspiration from real women in her life and from her husband Reuben, her creative partner in fashion.

Isabel Toledo is no stranger to the spotlight. Her couture-worthy pieces are admired by women around the world, from the first lady to the Broadway stage.

Michelle Obama first wore a Toledo design in 2008 for an appearance at a New York City fashion world fund-raiser.

Toledo designed a lemongrass yellow wool lace shift dress with matching overcoat which First Lady Michelle Obama selected to wear at the Inauguration of Barack Obama.

Recently Lane Bryant collaborated with Isabel Toledo to add her creative designs to their collections. The new Isabel Toledo collection for Lane Bryant will be available on Monday, March 17.

Isabel Toledo has also designed popular lines for Target and Payless Shoes.

Budget conscious fashion shoppers can find Isabel Toledo’s apparel, shoes and accessories on eBay at very affordable prices. Consider adding one or more of these pieces to your new spring wardrobe:

Isabel Toledo beige pink textured strapless dress $259
Isabel Toledo for Target one piece red and black swimsuit $15
Isabel Toledo Beach Swimwear black and white bikini $10.99
Isabel Toledo grey vintage A-line skirt with pockets $195
Isabel Toledo black stretch straight leg pants $69
Isabel Toledo Payless black nylon booties $24
Isabel Toledo for Payless Lunar black wedge booties $39.99
Isabel Toledo for Payless red and black bow detailed pumps $20
Isabel Toledo for Payless knitted multicolored Vegan platform pumps $49.99
Isabel Toledo platform flats in nude and black patent $9.99
Isabel Toledo for Payless yellow wedge shoes $29
Isabel Toledo navy blue and red peep-toe espadrilles $44
To see the complete selection of apparel, shoes and accessories, visit Isabel Toledo on eBay.

The looks are runway-fresh and on-trend, the colors bright and new, and the prices very right for thrifty fashion shoppers.

As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~